Pampers Schlaf Dich Gross - Image Campaign

Preemies are incredibly fragile and delicate. In order to grow and develop healthily, they need uninterrupted sleep. Pampers creates especially preemie diapers that can be changed without disturbing preemies. We created a holistic campaign around the importance of sleep for preemies featuring a various assets like videos, social media posts, editorial content and landing page.

“Schlaf dich gross campaign”
concept assets&copy, Mark Karatas

For Pampers – PG / Cocomore

  • For Pampers – PG / Cocomore
  • Type Digital VOD, Social Media

30 sec Copy TV/Digital

"Geborgenheit" 10 sec Digital

"Komfort" 10 sec Digital

"Sicherheit" 10 sec Digital

Landing Page

Illustrations Slider